Ancillary Services

Bank Monitoring
We have extensive experience of carrying out Bank Monitoring for financial institutions including Bank of Ireland; Bank of Scotland; ACC Bank; and AIB. We carry out an active monitoring role for the financial institution to ensure that value for money is achieved for their investment and also to ensure that there are no cost overruns or irregularities throughout the construction period.
We have an in-depth understanding and appreciation, not just of construction contracts but also of financial loan agreements and the responsibilities and obligations of the respective parties under those agreements.

Project Monitoring
Similar to Bank Monitoring above, we also provide a Project Monitoring service. As many projects in recent years have been carried out on a joint venture basis, this role has become increasingly vital to the respective parties, and particularly so in the current construction climate where there is very little room for manoeuvre in terms of rental and sales values post contract. Depending on our Clients’ requirements we can carry out a variety of roles from maintaining a watching brief of construction expenditure versus construction budget and report accordingly, to reviewing and advising on the contract and their contractual obligation.

Project Management and Co-ordination
We offer a Project Management service to our Clients as an additional option to our standard QS service providing management of the entire project and project team from inception to completion. Our project management service is a tailor made approach in order to facilitate the requirements of each individual Client and project.

Similar to Project Management, we also offer a Project Co-ordination role to our Clients. Under Project Co-ordination we undertake to firstly analyse the entire project with our Client in terms of development appraisal, project funding, project procurement etc., and secondly co-coordinating the design team to ensure that each design team member can fulfill their own specific role.

Mechanical and Electrical Co-ordination
Responsibility for the design and cost control of Mechanical and Electrical Installations normally lies with the Services Consultant, however we offer a service to our Clients whereby we retain responsibility for total cost control of the project. Pre contract we review tenders returned with the M&E Consultants preparing a tender report to the Client and post contract we take responsibility for valuing variations and preparing the final account. This allows for rigorous cost control of the main contract works in tandem with the M&E sub-contract works and one overall point of responsibility for cost control.

We offer a reinstatement valuation service based on a review of the project specific details and an assessment of the rebuilding costs based on current market rates.
We also offer a construction cost valuation service, both to private individuals or commercial clients and to insurance intermediaries in order to assess the actual reinstatement costs after damage has occurred.

Legal Disputes / Expert Witness
Our in-depth understanding of construction costs, construction contracts, and the construction process as a whole ensures that we have the requisite knowledge and experience to advise on a wide range of legal issues. We have acted both as expert witness for our Clients in legal cases and we have also been engaged by Clients to provide advise in order to avoid the legal route where possible.

Corporate Recovery
We are currently working with a number of parties in order to assess their financial options in relation to corporate recovery projects. We also offer a Project Management role should our Clients wish to continue with the construction phase of the project.