At Austin Reddy & Company, we place a high priority to the Health and Safety of our employees both within their normal work environment or out on site. So far as is reasonably possible the Company will ensure that each place of work and the materials, equipment, plant and machinery, are safe and comply with statutory requirements. As and where required employees will receive the necessary information and training to carry out their tasks correctly and safely.

While the Health and Safety of the workforce is the responsibility of the Company, it is the duty of all employees to act responsibly and do everything that is reasonable to prevent injury to themselves, their fellow workers and other persons generally in conformance with the duties and responsibilities for employers and employees in the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005.

Our Safety Policy will be kept up-to-date, particularly as the Business progresses. To ensure this, our policy and the way in which it operates will be reviewed from time to time by our Safety Manager, John Nolan.

As well as ensuring that all staff members work in a safe environment, the company have continued the professional training of staff members in relation to Health and Safety aspects of projects they are working in. In June 2010, each staff member completed a PSDP course. This will enable all of our staff to work as a PSDP on any project. Where this service is not required from us as a separate commission, we have the expertise to give general and specific guidance to our clients, fellow design team members and contracting professionals on Health and Safety issues on construction projects, from project inception to design right through to construction and handover.